Best Music Extensions For Computer Desktop Browsers

Music is not just a way of entertainment; it has its own biological and psychological benefits too. Have you ever wondered that why people are going through some emotional tribulation too often resort to listening music! It is just because music serves as a salvation to most psychological challenges. Even in research, it was found that children who engage in listening or performing in any music program develop less addictive behaviors and good academic performance.

Which music works best for which person depends on the music taste. With the online availability of free iTube music app, it is now very easy to find any music which suits your taste and which soothes your soul. There are endless music sites nowadays which provide free or premium music online. So, if you feel like listening to a specific song or music instantly, you will only need an internet connection and nothing else.extensions for browsers

Five Browser Extensions For Computer Music

  1. Lyrics for Google Chrome: If you love to keep your favorite lyrics handy, this extension is for you. It lets you get the words from various services like, Grooveshark and YouTube, etc.
  2. Zazoo: This extension converts YouTube in a karaoke machine for you. Additionally, it provides the specific song lyrics of many songs. So it’s a good choice for practicing guitar.
  3. FVD Video Downloader: If you are an Opera browser users, you can use this extension to download any audio or video music file on your computer from famous sites like Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Metacafe, etc.
  4. Sound Pirate:  This is a popular extension for Chrome for downloading any online music. It supports many sites like Bandcamp, Grooveshark, etc.
  5. iTunes: If you always use iTune for purchasing your music, this extension is for you. This extension allows the searching of any song right from your browser. Just click the extension icon to open the menu. This extension can only be used on Google Chrome.

The extensions that we have listed are equally helpful as iTube pro. Why can’t you download music from Browsers? Like you do with iTube Music app, you can also download free Mp3 songs from web browsers. Never think about new opportunities for getting something, try to use present tools as much as possible. In order to get free music to your Android & iOS devices, you can use Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, & Internet Explorer as a downloader tool.


You can use iTube alternatives as Music downloaders but if you want to have more choices, you can use Extensions also in your Computers.