iTube APK להורדה For Android & iOS

הורד iTube APK: התקנת האפליקציה מוסיקה חינם iTube על אנדרואיד, PC, & באמצעות ITube.APK. האם רקע iTube Downloader & YouTube זמין עבור אנדרואיד ו- iOS (iPhone / iPad). ניתן להוריד ישירות את אפליקצית מוסיקה בחינם טובה כי מכשירים שלך באמצעות אתר זה.

DownloadiTubeAPKs.Com המפותחת עבור iTube וכל מי מוסיקת מטמון יישום שרוצה להוריד מוסיקת MP3 מסרטוני YouTube. אם ברצונך להתקין מכשיר PRO האפליקציה iTube Android, תצטרך להוריד קובץ להורדה ITube.APK. בפוסט הזה, אני אספק את הקישור כדי להוריד את הגרסה האחרונה של פקיד iTube APK.

APK להורדה iTube

יש לי משהו לספר לך. האפליקציה הרשמית iTube זמין כעת עבור מוביילים אנדרואיד. ניתן להוריד את המוסיקה iTube האפליקציה.

DownloadiTubeAPKs.Com לכל מי שאוהב מוסיקה. אתה יכול להשאיר את דעתך אודות הבלוג & הודעות זה. אם אתה רוצה לספר לחבר על iTube, אך לא פחות חשוב, שתף את הבלוג איתם. מקווה שאהבת את הפוסט שלי. קרא עוד מאמרים בנושא iTube ו לקבלת מידע נוסף.

ראיתי שהרבה כאן מחפשים משהו דומה, מה אתה חושב? iTube הורד כעת עבור אנדרואיד.

1) קישור להורדה

2) הורדה ישירה

להורדה iTube עבור iPhone / iPad (iOS)

אתה יכול להשתמש רק אפליקציה במכשיר iOS שלך כרשימת השמעה מנהל iTube Pro. אין Downloader iTube זמין עבור iPhone / iPad.

בפוסט הזה, אתה תהיה מסוגל לקבל iTube יישום iOS דרך קישור להורדה ישירה.

הפגנת iTube מוסיקה ללא תשלום App

הורדתי & התקנה: ניתן iTube להוריד הבלוג שלנו. בקר בית
הבנת ממשק משתמש: iTube חיפוש כפתור יישום מורכב, רשימה של שירי וידאו Top 100, ילדי מוסיקה, בלוז.

בחר תוצאות חיפוש מופעל YouTube ומטמון יישמר כמו שיר MP3 על הנייד שלך.

להורדה iTube

iTube להורדה

iTube להורדה App

iTube להורדה APK

itube downloader free

  • שחק על רקע
  • מצא את המילים לסרטונים
  • הגדרת טיימר שינה
  • הפוך פלייליסטים
  • תהין שינויים = רשימות השמעה הדינמית TOP 100 כל יום.
  • הצגת ההיסטוריה של סרטונים שנצפו ולעשות רשימת מועדפים
  • כניסה עם YouTube ולשחק & לערוך רשימות ההשמעה שלך
  • i Tube להורדה

That way you can easily Install the latest Version 2.6 iTube APK file on Android, iPhone, & PC/Laptop.

Steps To Use iTube Music Downloader App on Android

In this post, I’m going to give steps on how you can download free music using iTube app. I will not discuss it downloading & Installing procedure as I have already posted the ultimate guide on downloading iTube on the homepage. You can also Install iTube application on your iOS device from this post.

What Am I going to tell? I will explain you each and every step to download free music using iTube Pro on your Android device on this post. Images are also attached to make it clear to any I Tube user. So, let’s look at the steps for using I Tube as the best music downloader of cache videos from YouTube.

Step By Step Guide To Use iTube As Music Downloader On Android

  • Downloading & Installing: You can download iTube from our blog. Visit the home page.
  • Understanding the User Interface: iTube application consists Search button, Top 100 video songs list, Children Music, & Blues.

Understanding itube app interface on Android

  • Search the Song: Using the search option, enter your song or artist name and click on search. This step is to find Youtube videos to download as MP3 music to Android.

search for video songs to download MP3 music

  • Select from the YouTube-powered search results and the cache will be saved as MP3 Song on your mobile.


  • You can switch the Video to audio mode while the video was playing.

switch between audio & video while playing

  • MP3 Cache files can be found on the MP3 logo window of iTube.

logo symbol to download location

Alternative Method of Saving Mp3 From YouTube Videos

There is always a need of having best songs on our mobiles to entertain ourselves. You can directly download MP3 songs from various free download sites. When you want to convert YouTube videos to MP3 songs, you should follow the below procedure.

  1. Search the video you want to convert to MP3 song. Open it on Youtube.
  2. Right click on the video and copy the Video URL.
  3. Now, visit and paste the copied URL on the search option.
  4. Enter the information of the MP3 song to save.
  5. Click convert now option. Later save the .MP3 file to your Android mobile.

The time taking will depend on the video length and the KBPS you have chosen. Once the converting completed, download button will appear on the screen. This procedure is recommended on your Computers. You can find the downloaded songs on downloads window or your specific location where you wanted to save them.

Later, you can use Data cable to transfer to Android mobile you want. You can also directly try this process on smartphones. Hope you found it helpful!

iTube Pro Download For Any Device For Free

iTube Pro version is same as iTube official Music download App. You will get advanced features of the current version in the Pro version. iTube Pro is different for Android & iOS (iPhone & iPad). For Android devices, Pro I Tube works as a Music downloader but for iPhones & iPads, it is a YouTube, Playlist manager.

iTube Pro APK is the latest release Android application package of I Tube Music App. If you want to download Pro iTube, you will have to read the complete article. It is one of the fast downloader application available for Android smartphones.

iTube Pro Version Download For Music

The latest release of Pro iTube was on 23-01-2015. Still, the version continues as Ver 1.0 & V1.4 for Android. You can download your favorite video playlists as MP3 songs to your mobile.iTube Pro V1.0 & 1.4 For Android & IOS

With more than 1 million downloads, iTube & iTube Pro have become best choices for music downloads to Android devices.

  • Name: iTube Pro Download v1.4
  • Version: 1.4
  • Requires: Android 2.3 and up
  • File size: 2.6MB

Download iTube Pro: Android | iOS

It is Media categorized application for entertainment. You can Install iTube Music Pro on iPhone, iPad & Android. There are various extensions available on Mobile browsers to get free music.Youtube playlist managing with itube pro on iOS

iTube Pro Features List

  1. YouTube background music player for iOS devices
  2. You can get free lyrics to the videos
  3. You can set the sleep timer according to your bed time
  4. Create awesome playlists on Youtube
  5. There is a default playlist of 100 Top songs. That will be changed daily on iTube Pro version
  6. Store the history of watched videos and make them favorite
  7. Children Music is available
  8. Lock the screen to display only music
  9. Login with Youtube account to alter any playlists & bookmarks

Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S & iPhone 7 (releasing soon).


Never think too much of anything when it comes to using free services. Try to get most of the free services from the iTube MP3 Pro application.
YouTube is the best source of latest videos of any kind like funny, inspirational, romantic, action, and educational. So, having a different playlist for different Genres is a must do the task for Android & iOS users.

Here comes the I Tube into the action. With the help of iTube Pro iOS app, you can save any playlist on YouTube. Anytime you can login to account and add or delete videos from your Playlists.

Did I miss anything related to Pro iTube app? Kindly, let me know. Leave your words on this topic. Read the other articles as well on iTube app from the blog.

Apps Like iTube Free (YouTube PlayList Managers & Music Downloader Apps)

Hadn’t it be better if you would have been able to play the YouTube videos in the background of your phone? Wouldn’t you like to multitask your phone while listening to the music on YouTube? If you want it to happen, we are here to help. You can know how to use iTube Music app from our blog. iTube for Android has the ability to download Music as cache files. When it comes to iTube on iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices, we can only manage Youtube playlists.

Nowadays, there are many applications which serve as an alternative to Google’s YouTube app. They act as the best playlist manager applications for YouTube videos. These alternatives are available for both the iOS and Android platforms.  So here, we are giving the top 5 alternatives for both the mobile app that similar to itube music

Apps Like iTube For Android & iOS (iPhone/iPad) Free

So, let’s start.

If you are looking for Music Downloader Apps, then, check out Music Paradise Pro App for Android & Music Maniac MP3 Downloader for Android.

iTube alternative app

Five Best iTube App Alternatives For Android:

  1. FireTube: This App focuses specifically on audio playback from YouTube. That’s why, while playing songs from this app, videos aren’t streamed. Isn’t it a great feature? This App can let the songs be played even from the background of your device.
  2. PVSTAR+: This app has an additional feature. For playback controls, this app provides a home screen widget. This feature is available only with fewer apps. As for goodies, this App gives you features such as free searching for playlists created by other users, equalizer, and playlist management.
  3. Viral Popup: This App provides a unique feature of playing any video or song in a hovering window. By using this app, videos can be played even in the off-screen phone.
  4. TurboTube: This App, apart from other apps, focuses more on playing videos with a minimal start-up lag and buffering. With this app also you get the maximum features of any other similar application like accessing your subscription, playing videos in the background, managing video queues and socially sharing your videos.
  5. FREEdi: With this app, one can easily get control over the resolution of videos. Whether you want to save data with a lower resolution or if you want to have a better-looking video, it is for you to decide with this App. With this App also, you can listen to the music while keeping it in the background.

Five Best iTube App Alternatives For iOS:

  1. Pocket Tube: It is a YouTube player who organizes the music videos very efficiently. It does so by dividing the videos by artists and albums. With this app, you can shuffle or play the music in the background. With its free version, one can save up to 20 tracks in its library. A simple pressing on the song is what is needed to add it to the playlist.
  2. iMusic: With this App, you can get millions of songs for free. This App gives you the option to add songs in a folder. It also updates you and allows you to play music from the top music chart of your country. Creating playlists with this App is just a kid’s game for all.
  3. BombTube: This App gives you access to only the right music YouTube channels. It works on iOS7 or higher. With this app, you can even search the music with the voice. It provides unique features like discovering new music with hashtags, finding any artists discography, etc.
  4. Spotify: Spotify in known better for its comfortable searching experience. Making and sharing any playlist is a matter of seconds on Spotify. With this app, you can even listen to the songs when you are offline. Instead of making your playlist, you can choose from the personal recommendations and readymade playlists made by others.
  5. Music TV: This is a unique app and only one of its kind. This App is endowed with the automatic scanning abilities. It scans one’s iPhone, iPod or iPhone automatically for the songs and then displays its corresponding YouTube. With the capabilities of making the custom playlist, this App gives you best personal entertainment experience.

We have tried to give you a comprehensive list of all the best iTube Pro YouTube playlist manager applications for iOS and Android. If you know any other better application, please do share with us. If you like this article, please give us a boost by sharing it with others or at least giving us a thumbs up for our research. If you have any issues, please do get back to us.

iTube Download For iOS (iPhone/iPad) For Free – YouTube Playlist Manager App

When it comes to sharing videos online, no App can ever beat YouTube for now. YouTube’s website, which was created in Feb.2005 was taken over by Google in Nov. 2006. Google had foresighted its future very well. YouTube allows any of its registered users to upload, rate, share, view or comment on videos. Those who are unregistered can at least watch the videos for sure.

The video content on YouTube has the enormous variety ranging from movie trailers to educational videos, simple audio recordings to music videos, and from TV show clips to video blogging. Nowadays many applications embed video in the apps to increase their efficiency and usability. But there is one major drawback associated with YouTube, and that is, while using YouTube, one can’t open any other app or turn off phone’s screen. Even if someone tries to do so, YouTube instantly stops to play.

iTube For iPhone & iPad (iOS)

Well, there is no direct solution to this problem, but as far as playing the song on iPhone, iPad and iPod is concerned, this drawback can be overcome by using iTube App, which is available on this website for free. Itube serves as a playlist manager for all of the YouTube videos.

With iTube one can now quickly shuffle YouTube playlist songs as one do while using any standard Mp3 player app. iTube, which is now available in 2.0 version, has made some major improvement specifically in term of its usability. In their 2.0 version, they have fixed the background playing function. Which means that, you can now listen to the music from the background while doing any other task on the phone. In other words, this app has made it easy for you to multitask on your phone.

Note: iTube is not available as a music downloader for iOS devices. You can only manage Youtube Playlists with the application. Read about the best Apps like iTube for iOS.

So how does this App works? Well, this app works on the simple principle of caching. It caches the video when it has decent phone reception and uses these cached videos when the phone’s reception is weak or if it is in airplane mode.

Method 2: iTube Download For iOS Using Vshare App

  • Set time to 1st Sep 204.
  • Download Unjailbroken Vshare App from Vshare.Com.
  • Search for iTube app on Vshare.

iTube download on iOS using Vshare

  • Click on the official Playlist manager app.
  • Install it from there easily.

Install button for iTube Free ios app

  • I Downloaded iTube successfully to my iPhone device.

iTube Downloaded successfully to iPhone

This App provides some other advantages also. Let us enlist a few for you here.

  1. From within this app, one can easily search for the lyrics of any song.
  2. For later use, one can star some of the favorite songs.
  3. The app allows to skip backward or forward any YouTube from the lock screen itself.
  4. It even displays the YouTube thumbnail for the quick observation.
  5. In the music discovery mode, one can search for the top songs of any particular genre in the ‘Top 100’ heading highlighted in the playlists screen.

iTube again has only one drawback that it can be used only on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. If you are an owner of any of this, this app is available to you for free. If yo love to have the ad-free version of this app, yo can top it up with iTube Pro version.